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Jabel or Majorica pearls Epostcards to share with your friends what you have found! Just click on the link here: Epostcard.
add pearl necklace
 Add a link diamond bracelets, add pearl by Princesse we carry Princesse add pearl and our copyrighted pawprint pendant.
Add a pearl to your necklace by Princesse - Legacy TM , or a link to your add a link diamond bracelet, we can help you! Both programs and our Majorica pearls ARE INCLUDED IN FREE SHIPPING! We had been located in the heart of downtown Springfield MA in historic Court Square since 1979, but due to urban decay we were forced to move to a suburban setting, for now operating exclusively online to save you money. We carry upscale, traditional jewelry lines including add a link diamond bracelets by Kaspar & Esh, Jabel jewelry, Majorica pearls and the original add pearl by Princesse - Legacy TM pearl necklaces. We perform quality pearl stringing to the trade as well as for our customers. We can string any double or triple strand necklace and the smallest of bracelets. If it is a bead necklace or bracelet, we can restring it, make it look brand new and return it to you.


What We Do Locally

add pearl by Princesse Legacy

Check out our Spring collection of cultured pearl necklaces and add a pearl necklace to your jewelry wardrobe
Available in our shopping cart and listed below.

Tahitian,Chocolate and White pearls On Sale this Season!

(just click a link for photos)
Shop online for the items listed below at discount pricing.

  • Unusual Tahitian pearls pearl necklace with diamond rondells.
  • Our CHOCOLATE pearl necklace! The hottest color of the season.
  • These cultured pearls have forty-seven 8.5-9mm pearls of extraordinary luster making a very important 16" necklace.
  • Sweet 16" baroque grey cultured pearl necklace.
  • Grey round smooth cultured pearl necklace (11-10mm) 18" long.
    Pearls for your 30th anniversary. Chocolate,Tahitian and white pearls from our Spring collection 2009
Shop online for the items listed above at discount pricing.

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Add a link diamond bracelets


Jewelers selling add a diamond bracelets and add pearl by Princesse necklaces are slowly retiring or sadly closing for lack of traffic. We know these are difficult times and we all want the most for our money, so we offer add-a-link diamond bracelets and our add pearl necklace from Princesse - Legacy at a 20% courtesy discount! Add a link bracelet prices have recently dropped to keep current with the times, but gold is heading higher meaning they will be going back up so if you haven't checked our pricing please do. We are fortunate to work from a home office and our overhead cost savings are passed directly on to you. Click on the picture below and see if your bracelet is included in our twenty-two piece selection. If not, just send us a text, an email or call and we can help you! Please email me here Louie , There is no phone system to go through and we retired our 800 line to keep your costs even lower. So go ahead and click this picture below and visit our add a link pages or if it is time to add a pearl to your necklace just click on the blue "Shop Online" button and give us a try and I am sure you won't be sorry!

How to add in a diamond link to your bracelet
you can do yourself.

We do not print invoices unless you request it so that we are as paperless as possible to save our planet and our resources. There is a lay-a-way plan available for you by calling to order and we answer the phone until 6:30PM (EST) Our add pearl by Princesse - Legacy and add a diamond bracelets are at the best pricing online - check our competition on to be sure. We encourage you to shop locally for your add a link bracelet or Princesse add pearl and only if it makes sense for you, to call (860)849-6479 or order online in our secure shopping cart. If you would like references from our online customers please click here to request them.

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Our add a diamond bracelet or add-a-link line is by Kaspar & Esh an eighty year old company. It is the finest product made in 14kt. and will match your add-a-link diamond bracelet exactly even if you started yours more than thirty years ago. There are many occasions that we have helped a daughter complete her Mom's bracelet satisfying the need for her life style and completing her inheritance.

Our Pearl Restringing Services

Our Local Services

Add pearl necklaces by Princesse - Legacy TM


Our Princesse - Legacy TM add pearl necklace collection is the same one that comes on the famous pink card. We have carried these Princesse - Legacy TM pearls since the day we opened and ship nation wide on a daily basis. They are in our shopping cart and are available by special order on the phone. We have starter necklaces in all sizes, single pearls on the pink card as well as pearls by the inch. WITH OUR ADD PEARL LINE BY PRINCESSE - LEGACY TM . WE OFFER A COURTESY DISCOUNT OF 20% because we know you have a lot of choices as to where to buy. When it is time to add a pearl onto your necklace we offer that as a free service. We also ship the same day you order (if by 11:00 AM EST) by USPS first class Mail and packaged for gift giving in a beautiful Organza pouch.

How to add a pearl or a diamond link using or Click/Ship Special Order Program

Our Princesse - Legacy TM add pearl necklace line is typically 75% repeat customers who sometimes find it frustrating wading through the choices. If you have set up a profile as a preferred customer in our shopping cart, you can see your past orders easily. there is a "my account" tab on the left like this. If you did not or don't remember try our "Click & Ship" program. I have a record of what you ordered so I can help. Just let me know that you are ready to add a pearl to your necklace or add a link to your bracelet and I will set up an easy "click and ship" order for you. All you have to do is fill in your information. You can find me here: Louie
Here is what Amy said ....about our "Click & Ship".
Thank you Louie! That made it so easy! I will put the necklace and 2 loose pearls in the mail tomorrow! I placed the order just now. The next time I want to add a pearl to the necklace, I will be sure to contact you."
It is easy - breezy shopping (all you have to do is click on a link that I send you by email) and that takes you directly to our shopping cart.

I am available by phone until 6:30 PM or leave your name, number, and a time for me to return your call, with consideration of your time zone. You can email me at If you would prefer to use a paperless transaction - so do we - you will not receive an invoice with shipment. There is an option in the shopping cart to check "print invoice" and we will but by default we do not, trying to save our trees and our resources and to save money on ink! :-)

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