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Majorica pearls

Majorica Product Information

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Majorica pearls come in the colors below. We have gone to great lengths to show you what they look like. On occasion Majorica may add in another and of course we will carry it. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call or email.

Majorica White pearls

Majorica White pearls
Classic White is bright with Pink overtones. Customer favorite.

Majorica Tahitian pearls

Majorica Tahitian Black pearls
When available it has distinct Purple and Green overtones.

Majorica Grey pearls

Majorica Grey pearls
Grey has just a hint of Green overtones. Classic color.

Majorica Crema Rosa pearls

Majorica Nuage pearls
Nuage is a combination of White and Grey (silver) without any other overtones.

Majorica Champagne pearls

Majorica Champagne pearls
A very deep yellowish Brown with strong luster.

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Majorica Product Information

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