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May's Birthstone of the Month

Emerald - gem of eternal spring. Is it the gem's incomparable, luxuriant green color? Are you fascinated by emerald's rich history, lore and tradition? Maybe it's a combination of those sentiments. After all, emeralds have been cherished for as long as there has been a written history - or so say archaeologists, whch have traced the origins of the use of emerald to almost 3000 B.C. in both ancient Egypt and India. Cleopatra prized her emeralds more than any other gem. The Romans also loved emeralds because, as ancient scholar Pliny said, "nothing greens greener." The Moguls of India loved emeralds so much they inscribed them with sacred text and wore them as talismans.

Whatever your reasons, you may be feeling somewhat intimidated by emerald's reputation as an expensive gemstone Well, here's an interesting fact. You car buy an emerald for as little as $25 a carat Sound surprising? Don't get us wrong.. emeralds can be very expensive; some even reach the lofty heights of $10,000 or $15,000 per carat. But a very respectable emerald can be purchased for a few hundred dollars per carat - thereby making emeralds affordable for practically every one's budget. And remember that though you can buy a $25 emerald, it probably won't look exceedingly good, either.

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